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Parrot Toys

A Parrot's curiosity is a wonder to all parrot owners. Through Parrots' senses and experiences they develop their own individual personalities. At you will find a great range of toys which will satisfy your parrot's curiosity and help to keep your parrot healthly and happy.

Our toy and puzzle range has been selected on the basis of quality and on the ability of the toys to satisfy parrots' natural urges to play and interact with the environment around them. Our parrot toys aim to nuture parrot's creative spirits and encourage their interest in the world around them

Parrot Food

At we believe that all parrots are "very important parrots". Because of this we supply only the highest quality food and treats and aim to do so at the best price.

The products that we supply are designed to cater for your parrot's highly specialised food needs and have been developed by avian specialists to ensure that they provide sufficient levels of all the vitamins and minerals that your parrot needs.

Other Parrot Supplies

Besides parrot toys and food you will find a whole host of essential parrot products at Whether you are looking for training products to help your parrot's development or you are looking for care products to ensure your parrot stays healthy. you will find them at We offer a variety of parrot training supplies as well.

Our Ethos supplies top quality parrot products that you and your parrot will love. Our reputation has been built up on providing a personal service to hundreds of happy customers.

We have built up a range of products that covers all aspects of caring for parrots in a responsible way.

We hope you and your parrot enjoy the products we offer

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Need Help?

Email: sales[at]VIParrot[dot]com 
Telephone: 208-610-0984

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