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Fantastic Performing Parrots DVD

Fantastic Performing Parrots DVD

Product Information
Just arrived - available for the first time on DVD

Featuring five performing Parrots, this DVD presents a lively and entertaining display of bird tricks, many of which are original and performed on video for the first time. Adding to the entertainment are the distinct personalities of each Parrot.
Poopsie, a Green-Cheeked Conure is the oldest of the five and does the most complicated of the tricks. Squawk, a Blue-Crowned Conure, actually holds a conversation with Tani and does some incredible tricks. Kiri is a Congo African Grey, and the youngest of the group. Prince is a Crimson-Winged Parakeet. And Cassie, the clown of the group, is a Black-Headed Caique. Her performance is truly unique.
See the secrets of professional bird show tricks in this amazing, must-see DVD.

Running Time
43 minutes

Price: $20.89

Product Code: FANG11

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